Mocha mudd is a nutrient rich clay that serves as the best hair cleanser than any other ordinary cleanser. It has excellent properties and rich in useful contents for hair. What makes it useful? As said above that it is rich in nutrient so what does it contain. It has magnesium, silica, sodium, calcium, aluminum, and iron. It contains 58% of silica and 25% of magnesium. According to a research, it is shown that silica is important minerals for hair growth. It prevents baldness and help hair to grow. it not only helps in growing, but it also makes the hair stronger luster and shiner. How silica helps in growing hair naturally? Do you know where our hair grows on the scalp from? It is hair follicle, whose base is papilla. Hair matrix that is the collection of epithelial cells surrounds papilla. When this matrix divides, more epithelial cells are produced which in turn forms follicles. More follicles mean good growth of hair. Silica thus helps in generation of epithelial cells and aids in hair growth. It also regenerates the tissues which are injured or damaged.Not only this, silica also provides strength to the connective tissues that make papilla which is the base of a hair follicle. Connective tissue gets strength from collagen that is the essential element of these tissues. Silica forms collagen and thus provides strength to these tissues. Active connective tissue means strong and long hair follicle which in turn ensures the growth of strong and healthy hair. How does magnesium help in growing hair? Magnesium also provides strength to the hair follicles and thus helps in growth of healthy hair. Deficiency in this essential mineral causes hair loss. Our hair follicle gets blocked due to the deposition of calcium. Magnesium reduces this blockage by cleaning off the calcium deposits and making way for hair to grow. How Mocha mudd clay keeps hair healthy? Sebaceous glands form sebum that lubricates our hair. It is an oily matter that protects our hair from getting rough due to the formation of dry flakes. These flakes cause itching and inflammation. An inflamed scalp does not support the hair growth. Various hair products that we use while treating our hair removes the sebum and thus makes our hair vulnerable that result in hair loss. On the other side, mocha mudd clay cleans the hair without removing sebum and thus prevents them from hair loss.

CURLS DEFINED MASK (new packaging )

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  • Hair mask that instantly detangles while volumizing the root density downwards, defining each curl or coily hair strand from ROOT TO TIP. 

    Recommended for all natural hair types. Amazing results for natural coily dense curly hair (3a,3b,3c, 4a,4b,4c).

    Use during every wash day for best results. Can be used as often as desired. 

Toronto, ON, Canada

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