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I'm asked often how I came to be a formulator.

The answer is deeply personal for me CURLS DEFINED was birthed from the confusion of I am 41, pregnant and I know I should not perm my hair yet again.
The time had come but what was I going to do. Having had a perm for the last 30 years all I knew was my sexy self was going out the door and that Kenyan girl with tight coily 4c hair was about to look like a villager (my African sisters can I denitify) WHAT AM I GOING TO DO........!

MERAKI ( my philosophy)

     to do something with soul, creativity,                                                               or love: to put                                                                           something of yourself in your  work


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2015 august to jan 2020

To say its been easy maybe not! But growing my hair has been a journey of getting to know who I am, what I like what my inner-self belives is beautiful to what I know today as owning my true confidence to be who I choose as I choose.

Yes I was a product junkie and that feeling of walking into the beauty supply store was........... uhhhhhh different. No one to ask , So much stuff on every aisel

and thank you to my favourite bloggers once in a while my head would surface from the deep ocean and I would have nailed a wash and go only for them to get me hooked on the next best collection and yes another $100 dollars down the drain. Again what to do..... with the last products I bought . And now I don't remember which is which. best shampoo , best conditioner, best.... ohh here comes the other new line . Now that was my story.  For many of us there is a feeling of confusion and dread also a lose of self confidence . To our community thank you for trying and guiding us thank you for all the DIY yes I got ideas to  but for me. I needed a solution and one that worked around, my two kids, my career, and even my house duties time was of essence for me.


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As naturals sharing a common goal we put her hearts together to uplift and build each other. To create products that met our needs and feed our souls that is the confidence of knowing we are here for you.


Toronto, ON, Canada

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